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After getting the email that I had been accepted into NPR’s Next Generation Radio program, I was filled with anticipation. That stayed with me as I drove up to Sacramento on Sunday and until I met everyone that night.

Now, sitting here a week later on the last day of this program, I cannot believe how much information I was able to take away in such a short amount of time. I cannot believe how far I have come.

The deadlines, the board: these intimidated me on the first day. But now after everything has been completed, its surreal to see that I finished a multimedia project in just one week.

Every single moment of the week was something special and informative. Even though I learned many things while being here with Next Gen, some things really stuck with me. I learned an abundance of tips and tricks in Adobe Audition. Walking into the room the first day, I thought I knew Audition, but I was so wrong.

I also learned how to be a better photographer. It was really helpful to have one on one assistance taking photos and to have someone remind me of the little things I sometimes forget.

I also learned how to work under tight deadlines. Even though the board was intimidating, it was super helpful. Working one on one with a mentor is one of the most special things about this project. They really care about you succeeding on this project. That makes you want to work harder. I have gained so much valuable experience from my mentor, and I will be forever grateful.

Beyond these things, I have met so many amazing people in this program. All gave me some advice at one time or another. I feel like every conversation I had with the mentors and mentees was always filled with advice I can take away back to school. All of the things I have learned this week, will help me be a better journalist and broadcaster.